Cut The Strings

"Cut The Strings" by Nathan Hoarn

“Cut The Strings” by Nathan Hoarn

Marionettes. Puppets on strings. Obsequious smiles painted permanently on faces that are no longer capable of feeling. Little wooden figures jerked along in awkward motions by those to whom we willingly submit control of our lives.  It would be almost comical if it weren’t so depressing.

I see it every day, everywhere I go; the 9-5 working crowd is the easiest to identify. Recent college grads who have just finished picking their stages and are busy happily tying into their first set of strings; middle-aged career engineers and salesmen and managers who are beginning to suspect that the sense of peace and security offered by the puppeteers in exchange for subservience might not be all that it’s cracked up to be; tired old men and women nearing retirement, well aware now of the deception and filled with regret, but too fatigued and jaded to do anything about it…all of them dancing dutifully on the stages of their lives, propped up and manipulated by invisible cords held by bosses, managers, spouses, family members, opinionated acquaintances, or societal expectations.

Well I say it’s time to cut the fucking strings! 

The knife is honed to a razor edge and it’s always there, hiding in the darkness just beyond the edge of peoples’ conscious minds. It’s the little voice that questions whether life is always going to be like this, or mightn’t there be a better way…the wistful longing for change, because you know you could be better, accomplish more, be somehow different than what you have let yourself become. The time to sever the cords is now, but I can see the fear and doubt lurking in your eyes; it’s a long drop to the stage and your body is brittle and fragile. “Is this going to hurt? Maybe the strings aren’t that bad,” you say, starting to hesitate.

The knife is out now, the glittering blade hungry to slash and tear; it remains only for you to make the cut and take the long fall. Your delicate body will explode into a hundred jagged pieces when it smashes into the hard floor of reality and public opinion, but resurrection and redemption wait on the far side of that shattering impact. The new world that awaits you when you wake is brimming with danger, pitfalls, and potential heartache. You’ll never be as safe or as comfortable as you were on the strings; you might not live as long, and pain in various forms will soon become a trusted companion.

Yet in spite of all this – and in equal measure because of this – for the rest of your life, you will rise each morning with the opportunity to truly live.

 “There is an undeniable interdependence between consciousness and physical suffering…pain, I came to feel, might well prove to be the sole proof of the persistence of consciousness within the flesh, the sole physical expression of consciousness.”  Yukio Mishima, Sun and Steel

Make the cut.

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