I resolutely resolve to accomplish these resolutions

I thought about turning this post into a rant about discipline, commitment, and other assorted desirable character qualities that walk hand in hand with accomplishing New Years resolutions and goals, but the theme seems a bit tired right now. “Put up and shut up” seemed a more appropriate philosophy, as in put up my resolutions on my blog so I have some level of accountability to others, and then shut up and go work on accomplishing them before another year slips away. So with that in mind and without any more preamble or fanfare, here are my goals for 2015:

  • trad lead at least one 5.12 rock climb, most likely at Palisade Head – no bolts, just balls.
  • lead WI6 comfortably.
  • lead M9 bolted routes without a fall. I’ve never placed a bolt, but I’ll admit they do have their place (just not next to cracks that take gear or to make up for a deficiency in ability or courage). My logic is that if I can lead M9 on bolts at a crag, M6 on trad gear in the mountains won’t feel so sketchy.

Surprise – they all have to do with climbing. I have other plans and intentions, but these three will largely guide my daily training, my reading, my eating habits, and my use of weekends and time away from my job. The ice climbing trip out to Montana and Wyoming over Christmas and New Years was amazing and productive, but it also opened my eyes to my potential and how much work, time, and dedication it is going to take if I want to make significant gains in ability. I climb for myself, but sometimes one’s own expectations can be the hardest to live up to…

Anyway, there they are. Pictures and a story to come as I accomplish each throughout the next 11 months and 19 days!

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