Random Thursday Thoughts

Practicing my California look.

Practicing my California look, less than 3 months left to get it dialed in.

One of my favorite blogs regularly features posts titled “Early Morning Confessions.” It’s not really early morning anymore, and I don’t have anything to confess, but I’m going to mimic her bullet point format and squeeze a bunch of unrelated thoughts into this little blurb.

  • I will be relocating to San Jose, CA for my job at the end of May. My company offered me a position and a pay raise I couldn’t refuse, and I’ll be fairly close to big mountains and only 3 hours from Yosemite.
  • I am only 51 days from being debt free. That in conjunction with the salary increase for my new job position means that – if I live frugally and work my ass off – I can have enough cash in the bank in 3 years to pay cash for a little piece of land and a tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. No debt, no house payment besides property tax and utilities, and minimal living expenses…I’m drooling as I think about the lifestyle opportunities that kind of financial track can create.
  • I will be going on my first climbing adventure in a while this August. I read about a crazy old guy named Roy in a Rock And Ice article, and I’m going to try to help him climb some of the last few mountains on his tick list. Read the article, he’s funny and pretty amazing…signs his emails “Roy the Locomotive.” Hopefully I can keep up with him.
  • I’ve written 20-something songs now that I consider to be good. I like them anyway,  especially one called Experimental Mice that I wrote and recorded in Peru after ingesting a fairly significant quantity of a questionable, conscious-altering substance. I’m not sure what to do with them, but writing them has helped me work through a lot of crap in my mind.
  • I have downsized even further. With the exception of my bed (which isn’t coming with me to CA), I can literally fit everything I own into the trunk and backseat of my car. It’s funny, but the more material possessions I get rid of, the richer and freer I feel.
  • “Freer” looks funny, and I had to consult Google to make sure I was spelling it right.
  • I have never worked in any kind of food service job, but I’m considering getting a weekend job at a brewery or coffee shop out in San Jose. If the goal is to bank cash like crazy, why not? It would be a pretty good way to meet people too.
  • I miss my Grams. It was a year ago Tuesday that I got back from a two-week climbing trip to Switzerland and realized how much she had changed in just a few weeks, and that she wasn’t going to be around for too much longer. Grams, if you’re listening, I’d give anything to smoke another one with you on the patio. I miss you.

That’s about it – pretty much everything that’s been running through my head lately. Time to start another day of work and get psyched for the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Random Thursday Thoughts

  1. Loved reading this Jimmy. And wow, what a big year ahead for you.

    Am in the midst of purging “stuff”, but have such a long way to go, before my possessions are limited to a trunk and back seat. But the more stuff I get rid of the more free I feel. You are an inspiration my friend. Thank you.

    I checked out the link on Roy McMurtrey from Rock and Ice. This is absolutely AMAZING. What an incredible experience this is going to be for you in August.

    Thank you for sharing this. Really enjoyed it! 🙂


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