So I wrote a song…

Actually, I’ve finished thirty-something songs now. I make a rough recording whenever I finish one, but I don’t know what to do with them. However, I happen to really like the way these two tunes turned out, and things have happened in the last handful of months that make me feel like putting them out there isn’t such a bad idea. They’re far from studio-perfect, but I’ve gotten mostly positive feedback from the few friends I send all of my songs to. So, court of public opinion, here they are.

The first one is “Angry Little Bear,” lyrics/music/vocals by me (lyrically probably NSFW).


The second song is “Let Yourself Be Loved,” lyrics/music by me and vocals by Aili Kotnik (barely lyrically NSFW, just one spontaneous F-bomb that fits in there perfectly…your boss/kids probably won’t even notice).


If anyone is curious — I recorded them both in GarageBand with an SM58 mic (lacking a pop filter obviously) and a cheap digital interface. The piano was recorded on a digital Kawai at a piano store, and the guitar was recorded with the aforementioned mic and the on-board pickup. I don’t know how to do a lot of fancy editing, so I pretty much just recorded the parts, adjusted the highs/mids/lows and reverb a bit, and converted the files to MP3’s.

And if you don’t like the songs…well, hopefully you get a kick out of this picture of Dave posing with my guitar.

The cover shot for Dave's forthcoming EP, "Reflections of a Mewsing Mouser."

The cover shot for Dave’s forthcoming EP, “Reflections of a Mewsing Mouser.”

Let’s be honest, that picture is the best part of this post.