About me

I am a climber. Not a great one; “reasonably proficient” might serve as an accurate summation. Those less kind might say I know just enough to be dangerous. I have more than a few stories that lend credence to both labels.

I am twenty-eight years old and working hard to become good at climbing again after an extended period of time on the sidelines. In 2008, I relinquished my obsessive pursuit of climbing and moved from Montana to Minnesota to be with a woman I had met seven months earlier. We were married three years later, only to get divorced early in 2014. It’s a standing policy of mine to regret nothing and learn from everything. During that span of years, I learned who I needed to be to find true satisfaction in life. I discovered that happiness really is an inside job, and that in many ways it is a person’s chief responsibility to themselves. In the aftermath of the divorce, I picked up my ice tools and swore to myself that I would never again suppress or compromise that most important part of who I am.

I started this blog as a more permanent way to store thoughts and journal entries. Some of what I write isn’t for public consumption. Censoring one’s private scribbles on paper seems stupid and counterproductive, so what comes out is often harsh, offensive, or very personal. What I do post, however, is raw, undiluted, and true. I don’t especially care if anyone enjoys what I write; I’m writing it for me. That said, I do hope it stimulates introspection and change in someone.

If I don’t survive my alpine obsession to make it to the Great American Goal of Retirement, my brother will be the recipient of all my journals. I personally hope he publishes them in their entirety, if only online. It will anger some, disturb others, and (hopefully and most importantly) incite a few to actions that change their lives.

That’s me. Now get off your ass and go climb something. Or contact me using the form below.


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